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Recent Winners

Machu Picchu 10-Day Excursion

Could you imagine winning a dream vacation to explore Machu Picchu? That’s exactly what happened this summer when Kevin and Michelle entered a 10-Day Machu Picchu giveaway they found on Triperific. Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. The couple...

Costa Rica Honeymoon Surprise

Coincidentally these soon-to-be newlyweds were planning their honeymoon when they heard the news. You’re going to Costa Rica! Triperific and its partners were ecstatic to learn this couple was in need of a honeymoon on a budget. Luckily they won a free trip! It’s an incredible...

Texas Couple Wins Vacation to Cape Town!

Using Triperific this Texas couple won an all expenses paid trip to Cape Town, South Africa. This was a bucket list trip that only became possible because of Triperific! We can’t believe it was so simple to enter and win a vacation. It’s seriously the most amazing thing that...

Solo Adventure Across Asia!

We recently held a tiny $2,500 giveaway for solo travelers. The idea was to put a bit of money into the pockets of one lucky solo traveler who was currently traveling abroad. Jenny was our lucky winner who happened to be traveling solo throughout Asia. She was on a tight budget until we...

Annual Ski Pass For You And A Friend!

We partnered with global ski resorts to offer you and a friend unlimited skiing (or snowboarding) at some of the world’s best mountains. This was our largest giveaway, ever! Millions entered and only two took home the passes. Here’s a great pic of our winners. Come back next...

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